• Windows Mobile "How Do I Videos"

    There's a great wealth of knowledge in these short "How Do I" videos on MSDN.   Check out the latest videos here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/bb495180.aspx

    Want to know how to do any of these 77 things?  (all links open in a new tab/windows)  

     #1 How Do I: Enable Windows Mobile Device Emulator UDP Support?  

     #2 How Do I: Successfully Debug Application Code that Establishes a Cellular or Wi-Fi Connection?  

     #3 How Do I: …

  • Sony posted the Xperia X1 user manual..

    Kind of feel like I'm opening a present before Christmas Eve since I don't have the phone yet, but here is a link to where to download the manual. (click here)

    Also, if you haven't seen it yet, here is a link to the Panels SDK (click here)

  • Setting up the GPS on the Ultimate 9502

    Here's a quick video of how to setup the internal GPS on the Ultimate 9502 by iMate.

    Download here (Right Click, Save As)

  • Ordered a few phones week before last..

    Picked up the following iMate phones: SPL, SP3 (I Finally got one!), SP5 and the Ultimate 9502. 

    Top: Nokia 770

    Left to Right: iMate SP3, SP5, SPL, JAM, HTC Touch Enhanced, O2 XDA Trion, iMate Ultimate 9502, iPhone 3G

    My collection now includes:


    JAM (128mb upgrade by PocketPcTechs.com)




    Ultimate 9502 (photos) *For Sale*


    TyTn  - O2 XDA Trion (photos) *For Sale*

    Elfin - Touch Enhanced - Red UK Version (photos) *For Sale* …

  • Windows Mobile API Usage Tool

    Microsoft just published the Windows Mobile API Usage Tool (Click here to go to the download page).   This is development tool that requires Visual Studio 2005 or 2008. 

    Once you install the tool, you need to manually navigate to your Program Files directory to find the tool - it's command line only, no GUI.  On my machine, the install went here to "C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile API Usage Tool" by default. Here is a screen shot of the folder listing:

    To use the tool, …

  • [Wisbar] - Creating notification icons/meters

    Since I picked up an O2 XDA Flame,I've been tinkering with skins lately on Wisbar - been almost forced to as there aren't that many VGA themes out there, mainly because the number of VGA devices aren't as high as the QVGA ones.    I've been customizing themes and posting mainly on the LakeRidge Forums about some of the things I've done and gotten a few questions about how to make signal/battery notifications.  There's a great tutorial on the site (here), but something that …

  • JAM vs. 8125 vs. trion

    Finally had the chance to shoot some side by sides of the three.  You can check them out here.

    Here's a preview:

  • My Trion is on the way...

    Direct from Deutschland, hopefully it will be here this week and I'll have time to play with the device a bit in addition to doing a Jam vs. 8125 vs. Trion review with pics.  Stay tuned!

  • O2 XDA trion released in Germany

    I really like the appearance of this device leaps and bounds above the early pictures of the TyTN.. the TyTN just doesn't look very "professional" to me..

    There are also updated specs on the site as well if you click on the "HandyDetails" tab. Confirms the 400mhz profile, but I don't see anything about which one made it - Mini or Micro SD..

    329.99 Euros (419 US) with 1 year contract, 699.99 euros (889 US) without any contract. German link Translated to english

  • Minor issues with the VGA/QVGA Vista portable skins

    I'm running the PocketXP theme for WisbarAdvance, so my device normally looks like this:



    I installed the VGA skin, as I thought my JAM is a VGA device, and noticed some weird issues with the buttons on the taskbar.



    I headed over to the XcSkins forum . I found the thread for the Vista skin and posted a message. Did a little more digging and found this post. Sounds like someone else was having the same problem, and tried running the QVGA …

  • Vista Theme for Wisbar Advance

    Found an awesome theme pack that features a Vista feel.  It's by xcilion who runs XCSkins.  The theme is called Windows Vista Portable Edition.  The skin is supported on both VGA and QVGA devices.  This skinsuite isn't supported or licensed by Microsoft, and xcilion is quick to point that out in the skin information, but he does a great job of getting the feel and look down in my opinion. 

    If you would like more information, click here or on the image below.   You …

  • AudioVox SMT 5600 for free at buy.com (or $225 without contract)

    I came across this link today.  You can get the SMT 5600 for $224.99, with $225 of mail-in rebates if you sign up for a new account with Cingular.  Otherwise, you can save the extra $204.96 if you were planning on buying it from Expansys, who lists it for 429.95.

    If I hadn't of picked up a JAM, I would be all over this.  Halfway thinking of picking it up just to have a dev smartphone..


  • Tricking out your gadgets..

    Found this link on hackaday of some pretty decent paintjobs for gadgets.. I've seen a couple other sites that feature mods as well.. anyone done anything cool to their PocketPC or Smartphone?

  • JAM is on its way!

    Thanks to a user of HowardForums whom had to give up his JAM, I was able to work out a deal and it should be here by the weekend.  He also got the 128 MB upgrade from PocketPCTechs, so I'll have a good amount of on-board RAM, then plan to pick up a 1 or 2 gig SD card for my music.  Sweetness.. I can't wait!

  • The luxury of being able to change one's mind..

    So after this enGadget article and its associated review on Geek.com, and a post on Scoble's blog about the “LennPhone” I think I have decided to get a JAM instead of an SP3i.  One main factor is that I'm starting to follow the “Getting Things Done” personal productivity methods by David Allen, and have discovered along with a few colleagues, that it is really hard to keep your “one list of things to do” in one place if you can't write things down.  …

  • Cure for a thumbboard Part II

    At $229 msrp, it looks like it isn't quite as cheap as I thought initially, but Dave's iPaq has a great review of the iTECH BlueTooth Virtual Keyboard.. check it out!

  • iPod or Not?

    So I'm on the fence of whether to get an iPod or some sort of non-Apple based “MP3” player.. I have primarily WMA's in my collection thus far (although do admit that I installed iTunes the other night and converted a fair amount of my 60+ gigs of 192khz WMA to roughly 80+ gigs of 128khz m4a).. I really enjoy the space saving at a higher bitrate using WMA.  So I had pretty much decided on picking up an iPod, but then saw Dave Ciccone's iPod Shuffle vs. Sandisk MP3 review on …

  • SP3i in my sights..

    I've found a few good deals - waiting on an auction to wrap up to see exactly which one I get.. lots of pics, reviews, tips, code coming when I actually get one!

  • Looks like I may have found the key to not having a thumbboard..

    Check this out!  i-Tech Virtual Keyboard.. only 161 bucks!

    Waaaaaaaaay cool!

    Edit: it's still cool, but I thought it was the BlueTooth version.. the one above you actually have to plug into the phone.. The bluetooth one is going for 199 on eBay.. we'll see if I can find it elsewhere.