Ordered a few phones week before last..

Picked up the following iMate phones: SPL, SP3 (I Finally got one!), SP5 and the Ultimate 9502. Top: Nokia 770 Left to Right: iMate SP3, SP5, SPL, JAM, HTC Touch Enhanced, O2 XDA Trion, iMate Ultimate 9502, iPhone 3G My collection now includes: iMate JAM (128mb upgrade by PocketPcTechs.com) SPL SP3 SP5 Ultimate 9502 (photos) […]

[Wisbar] – Creating notification icons/meters

Since I picked up an O2 XDA Flame,I’ve been tinkering with skins lately on Wisbar – been almost forced to as there aren’t that many VGA themes out there, mainly because the number of VGA devices aren’t as high as the QVGA ones.   I’ve been customizing themes and posting mainly on the LakeRidge Forums about […]

Minor issues with the VGA/QVGA Vista portable skins

I’m running the PocketXP theme for WisbarAdvance, so my device normally looks like this: [zoom] [zoom] I installed the VGA skin, as I thought my JAM is a VGA device, and noticed some weird issues with the buttons on the taskbar. [zoom] [zoom] I headed over to the XcSkins forum . I found the thread […]