The luxury of being able to change one’s mind..

So after this enGadget article and its associated review on, and a post on Scoble’s blog about the “LennPhone” I think I have decided to get a JAM instead of an SP3i.  One main factor is that I’m starting to follow the “Getting Things Done” personal productivity methods by David Allen, and have discovered along with a few colleagues, that it is really hard to keep your “one list of things to do” in one place if you can’t write things down.  Granted, you can do voice recordings and then transfer the list later, but why not have a phone that is basically the same size as the SP3i but with a touch screen?  This may also help solve my portable music player dilemma.  The JAM has a full-size SD card, rather than the mini-SD that the SmartPhones have.  While the 1gb mini-SD was just released by Sandisk, the 2GB SD has been available for a bit, and I would imagine it not be long before we see the 5gb+ SD cards out – hopefully much sooner (and cheaper) than the mini-SD versions.  I can also get SDIO WiFi for the JAM, whereas the mini-SD on the SP3i is inside, so kind of hard to have peripherals that aren’t the exact size of the mini-SD to fit in the case.