Who is Steve?

Steve Presley has been involved in the development, architecture and implementation of client/server, web, mobile and embedded applications since 1995. He likes to share his experiences from working as a multi-platform solutions engineer as well as commanding lead development, architectural and management roles in development and deployment shops for large organizations. He is a charter Member of the ASPInsiders and served on the Board from the group’s inception. Steve currently resides near Richmond, VA.

Speaking / Community Engagements

Event Date Event Name Event Role Location
   Upcoming Events..
2013/Fall (Date TBA) Richmond CodeCamp 2013 Lead Organizer Richmond, VA
   Previous Events..
2012/10/6 Richmond CodeCamp 2012 Lead Organizer Richmond, VA
2012/6/27-6/29 MADExpo 2012 Treasurer / Web Team Hampton, VA
2011/10/9 Richmond CodeCamp 2011.2 Lead Organizer Richmond, VA
2011/6/30-7/1 MADExpo 2011 Treasurer / Web Team Hampton, VA
2011/5/21 Richmond CodeCamp 2011.1 Mobile Schedule and Speaker Wall Coordinator Richmond, VA
2010/6/25-26 CodeStock 2010 Speaker – Developing for Windows Phone 7 Series with Silverlight Knoxville, TN
2010/5/22 Richmond CodeCamp 2010.1 Speaker – Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series Richmond, VA
2010/3/15-17 Mix 2010 Attendee Las Vegas, NV
2009/11/09-12 DevConnections Ran Open Spaces on Wednesday, November 11th Las Vegas, NV
2009/10/17 Philly Code Camp 2009.2 Attendee Ft. Washington, PA
2009/10/3 Richmond Code Camp 2009.2 Speaker – Developing for mobile devices using ASP.NET – how do I get started?
Open Spaces participant
Richmond, VA
2009/06/26-27 CodeStock 2009 Speaker – Converting your Line of Business application to Silverlight
OpenSpaces participant
Knoxville, TN
2009/06/06 Silverlight FireStarter DC Speaker – Jumpstart: What you need to know to convert WinForums/WPF apps to Silverlight in 15 minutes Reston, VA
2009/05/20 Interwoven GearUp Attendee Chicago, IL
2009/04/25 Richmond Code Camp 2009.1 Speaker – Converting your LOB Apps to Silverlight
OpenSpaces participant
Richmond, VA
2009/04/18 Philly Code Camp 2009.1 Speaker – Converting your LOB Apps to Silverlight Fort Washington, PA
2009/04/02 Richmond DotNet User Group Speaker – Converting your LOB Apps to Silverlight Richmond, VA
2009/3/21 Microsoft Unified Communications conference Attendee Richmond, VA
2009/01/16 MSDN Developer Conference Attendee / Community Courtyard participant Reston, VA
2009/01/10 NYC Code Camp 2009 Attendee / Community Courtyard participant New York, NY
2008/11/8-10 Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit Attendee Las Vegas, NV
2008/11/16 Raleigh ShadowCamp OpenSpaces participant Raleigh, NC
2008/11/15 Raleigh Code Camp Speaker – “Extending the Mobile Experience for Your Existing Website”
OpenSpaces participant
Raleigh, NC
2008/10/29 NotAtPDC Speaker – “Extending the Mobile Experience for Your Existing Website” Online @ NotAtPDC.com
2008/10/04 Richmond Code Camp 2008.2 Speaker – “Extending the Mobile Experience for Your Existing Website” Richmond, VA
2008/07/21-23 ASPInsiders Summit Attendee Redmond, WA
2007/10/22-26 Citrix iForum Attendee Las Vegas, NV
2006/05/08-11 Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Developer’s Conference Attendee Las Vegas, NV
2004/08 ASPInsiders Summit Attendee Redmond, WA



I am an ASPInsider!
Charter Board Member
Charter Member
Membership Committee
Security Committee (chair)
4/17/2000 6/15/2000
6/25/2000 8/7/2000
8/7/2000 9/7/2000
1/19/2001 3/08/2001



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