How to delete an email account on Windows Mobile 6.1

A friend recently asked how to delete an email account from her Windows Mobile 6.1 device.  Like a good techie, she searched for the answer, only to find useless forums posts of unrelated babble.  Here’s a quick step through of how to do it.  Video is here at the top, or step by step pictures below.

Download here (Right Click, Save As)

Step by Step instructions:

1. Start out on your home screen:

2. Press Start and select the Messaging application:

3. Once you are in the messaging application:

4. Select the account you wish to delete – use the D-Pad, arrow keys or jog wheel, do not click or press the account name with your finger. It will select the account to open and only give you access to delete messages at that point!  Should you do this, you will have to close the Messaging application and restart from step 1.

5. Select the Menu option at the bottom right hand corner (right soft key):

6. Select the Delete action:

7. Confirm that you want to delete this account:

8. The account you selected is now deleted!

Pretty simple but not obvious. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message via the Contact form (linked here) or above if you have any questions.