Richmond Codecamp 2010.1 and CodeStock 2010 sessions accepted!

Great news, just heard that I have two sessions accepted for both of these learning events.  Here are the details:

Richmond CodeCamp 2010.1 – Saturday May 22nd, 2010 – Richmond, VA.

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series

Track / Area: Developer / Mobile
Technology: Windows Phone, Silverlight, XNA
General / Specific Experience Level: Beginner / Beginner

A lap around the new Windows Phone 7 Series platform – what has changed since Windows 6.x Phone development, overview of the security model, application stack (Silverlight and XNA), hub integration, Push notifications and how to get setup in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

CodeStock 2010 – June 25 and 26th, 2010 – Knoxville, TN.

Developing for Windows Phone 7 Series with Silverlight

Track / Area: Developer / Mobile
Technology: Windows Phone, Silverlight
General / Specific Experience Level: Intermediate / Beginner

Windows Phone development with 6.5 and previous versions was not the easiest transition to make from desktop client development – see how any Silverlight developer can now share code with desktop based Silverlight applications and be able to target Windows Phone 7 with minimal changes.  In this session we will go over a few demo applications, build a simple application and discuss what is not available on the Phone stack (in the CTP release) that is available in the Silverlight 3/4 for the Desktop and how to plan for differences in your application and security models.