Fun with Firebase Functions – ambiguous deployment error

So, working on a Firebase Cloud Function.. deployed it fine from my Mac Mini downstairs, switch to my laptop, cloned the repo using GitKraken (referral link), made a small change and ran

firebase deploy --only functions

Seems to be compiling fine and BAM..

=== Deploying to 'my-super-secret-project'...

i  deploying functions
✔  functions: Finished running predeploy script.
i  functions: ensuring required API is enabled...
i  functions: ensuring required API is enabled...
✔  functions: required API is enabled
✔  functions: required API is enabled
i  functions: preparing codebase default for deployment

Error: An unexpected error has occurred.

What in the world? Went through and verified both of these pre-requesites

npm install firebase-functions@latest firebase-admin@latest --save
npm install -g firebase-tools

This was working fine yesterday and earlier today! grrrr oh wait, I remember I had to do this the other day, and can’t find the stackoverflow that I found it on, on a lark..

cd functions
npm install

And POOF! it works again. Thanks to whoever posted that on SO, I’d link to your answer if I could, but I can’t find it in my history for some reason.

Hope that helps someone save 30 minutes of googlage to stumble across it, hopefully you’ll stumble across it here much faster!