SimpliSafe – super simple when moving!

Hello friends – having just moved to a new home, wanted to share my experience transferring the security system from the old house to the new one.

So, first of all, my plan to was to go into our console, remove all of the sensors, locks and cameras that were setup at the old house, and then set everything up from scratch at the new house. Well…. that didn’t happen. I was out of town for work unexpectedly right before the move, so the packers came in, unplugged the base station, packed it up and it was in a box before I even realized the main system was offline. Since it was a bit of a mad house, I didn’t look at my phone and see the battery notification until an hour or so later, and the movers already had several boxes in the moving van on top of its box, and we weren’t sure which one it was actually in at that point to boot. Not a huge deal, but something you should plan for.

We left all of the other sensors on the doors, windows, walls, etc. during move weekend as they were going to be reused in the new house, along with several new door/window (entry) sensors that I purchased a few weeks before the move direct from the SimpliSafe website. I also picked up some replacement adhesive strips for the sensors and magnets, again direct from SimpliSafe.

Moving to the new house, first I plugged the SimpliSafe base station into a plug, it came online after it established WiFi connection and my master keypad came online as well. I went into the SimpliSafe web console and deleted all sensors/locks/keypads, and accidently deleted the master key pad from the paired devices list.

Once that happens, the keypad will not sync until you put it back into pairing mode. Pushing any of the buttons on the keypad does nothing, appears it is dead. Just pull all 4 (AA) batteries from the back of the keypad for 2-3 minutes, let the capacitors inside lose their charge, then reinsert them and it will go back into pairing mode. Back on the website console, go into Devices and click “Add or name device” in the upper right hand corner and it will find the new keypad. I named mine “Master Keypad” so that I don’t accidently delete it again – I had it named something like “Front Door Keypad” but thought that was the PIN pad for the deadbolt, and that it was safe to remove.

So anyhow, once that was corrected, I installed a system update that was available, then proceeded to add back in our old sensors, added the new sensors, as well as the dead bolt locks, PIN pads and cameras.

Took all of about 20 minutes to do.

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