lolMiner OC/UC settings for nVidia GTX 1660 Ti

After a good amount of experimenting, reading Reddit posts and so forth, found out there are not any really great settings for a GTX 1660 Ti (6GB) for lolMiner. Most of the settings I did find were either worse than what I’m seeing – 29.6 mh/s @ 80w, 58(c) !

(BTW: if you haven’t heard of it, go get the MSi Afterburner utility! Only get it direct from MSI here:


I was using 62% power limit, -100 MHz core clock and +850 Memory Clock and getting 26-27 mh/s. Dropped the power to -500 and am stable and getting nearly 30 mh/s!

Here are the settings I’m using currently:

Power Limit: 62%

Core Clock (MHz): -500

Memory Clock (MHz): +800 (updated 1/11/2021: was running 850 but still got one crash 26 hours in, so backed down to 800, same average though!)

Here’s the Afterburner screenshot:

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