Reflections on the past few weeks – Thoughts on a good friend injured and a few friends who passed.

It’s been a tough month – first I find out a good friend, Kate Watts, broke her pelvis in 3 spots and shattered her elbow from a fall at a wedding she was attending.  Then, we lose Bernie Mac and shortly thereafter, Isaac Hayes.

This past Wednesday, I found out that a good friend of mine, Jason Bailey, whom was a paraplegic and had been in the hospital for nearly two years due to complications from breaking his leg, passed.

Now I find out tonight that LeRoi has passed.  Not sure how long this will be up, but if you go to, there is a simple graphic with a tribute to LeRoi.  The graphic is plain simple, and the way I’d wish to be remembered – no explanation of what I have done to contribute to the world, people would have their own favorite memories and not have any canned copy to restrict their recollection.  I’ve linked the graphic below as well.

In the event you don’t have any fond memories of LeRoi, from a humble sax player’s point of view, here are some of my favorite LeRoi solos:

#41 – Listener Supported (looking for a clip of LeRoi’s solo)

What Would You Say – Under the table and dreaming (2:36-3:17) – (link to YouTube)

#41 – United Center (4:44 – 6:40) (link to YouTube)

Spoon –  Va Beach Amphitheatre on 9.14.03 (link to YouTube)

Warehouse – Central Park (4:40-5:29; 6:41-8:23) (link to YouTube)

*note* I’m currently out of town and don’t have access to my library of live DMB tracks, so will post more LeRoi audio/video clips once I’m back in town.

To my good friend Kate, wish you well and a quick recovery.  To those that have passed, you’re in our prayers and I can honestly say, my world was a better place with you here. RIP LeRoi – you’ve made a difference in at least one sax player’s life, so my thanks.