Windows Mobile API Usage Tool

Microsoft just published the Windows Mobile API Usage Tool (Click here to go to the download page).   This is development tool that requires Visual Studio 2005 or 2008.

Once you install the tool, you need to manually navigate to your Program Files directory to find the tool – it’s command line only, no GUI.  On my machine, the install went here to “C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile API Usage Tool” by default. Here is a screen shot of the folder listing:

To use the tool, you run WMAUT.EXE from the command line with a series of parameters, one of which is a path to an output database that you can run SQL statements against, and one is the CAB or MSI for your mobile app.

Here is a listing of the command line options:

I plan to run this tool on a few of the mobile applications that I have been working on and provide results and tips in blog posts in the future.  Keep an eye out for those as part of the products I’m working on in my spare time.