How to delete an email account on Windows Mobile 6.1

A friend recently asked how to delete an email account from her Windows Mobile 6.1 device.  Like a good techie, she searched for the answer, only to find useless forums posts of unrelated babble.  Here’s a quick step through of how to do it.  Video is here at the top, or step by step pictures […]

Compact Framework: Binding a ComboBox to an Enumerable type

I’m working on a graphics conversion utility for use in my mobile projects as well as for a friend’s web based application.  My goal has been to write code that I can run both on the compact framework as well as on the full-featured version of the .Net framework. Let’s say we have an Enumerable […]

Windows Mobile "How Do I Videos"

There’s a great wealth of knowledge in these short “How Do I” videos on MSDN.   Check out the latest videos here: Want to know how to do any of these 77 things?  (all links open in a new tab/windows)  #1 How Do I: Enable Windows Mobile Device Emulator UDP Support?  #2 How Do I: […]

Ordered a few phones week before last..

Picked up the following iMate phones: SPL, SP3 (I Finally got one!), SP5 and the Ultimate 9502. Top: Nokia 770 Left to Right: iMate SP3, SP5, SPL, JAM, HTC Touch Enhanced, O2 XDA Trion, iMate Ultimate 9502, iPhone 3G My collection now includes: iMate JAM (128mb upgrade by SPL SP3 SP5 Ultimate 9502 (photos) […]

Reflections on the past few weeks – Thoughts on a good friend injured and a few friends who passed.

It’s been a tough month – first I find out a good friend, Kate Watts, broke her pelvis in 3 spots and shattered her elbow from a fall at a wedding she was attending.  Then, we lose Bernie Mac and shortly thereafter, Isaac Hayes. This past Wednesday, I found out that a good friend of […]