• FBBC (GHI FBB Connectors)

    GHI Electronics introduced their FBB (FEZ Building Blocks) to allow mounting of Gadgeteer components on plates and in box formats.

    Discussion of the FBB product is here, on the tinyclr forum – a great resource for anything .NETMF related.

    In the discussion thread, we were discussing ways of assembling the blocks, I had an idea and then came up with version 1 of the block.  I envisioned printing out a support structure for 3 pins on each plane to press fit into the 3.2mm holes …

  • Gadgeteer Mood Cube

    I’m working with a few .NETMF folks and have been talking with @ransomhall (http://ransomhall.com) about projects to collaborate on.

    Eric created a Mood Cube using a GHI FEZ Rhino and 4 BlinkM Smart RGB LEDs.

    I created a Gadgeteer version using a FEZ Hydra, USB ClientDP Module and a MultiColor LED Module.

    I printed out a 30mm hollow cube (Sketchup file) (STL file) on my MakerBot Replicator.

    I then used a mounting board (more details on those coming soon!) that I cut out of acrylic to …

  • Zenbot 12x16 CNC Intro photos and info

    I’ve been meaning to get around to this post for a while but never seemed to make time to do it.  I recently joined the Unofficial Zenbot User's Group on Yahoo Groups and someone asked about IGUS wire chain.  Since my setup took some “perfecting”, I was more than happy to post the dimensions to the group.  I also promised I would take pics, so here they are!

    In December 2010, I purchased a new house with a garage which meant I now had space for the Zenbot CNC …

  • Interested in a mobile / embedded developer user's group in Central Virginia?

    I am gauging interest in running a Mobile / Embedded Developer user's group for the Central Virginia development community.When people think of mobile applications, they immediately think phone based native applications on fairly tiny screens, however with the proliferation of tablets with larger displays and netbooks pulling apps from the cloud, the mobile scenarios are often more complicated. There is also the demand for enterprise applications to work in more of a consumer model on laptops …

  • Richmond Software CraftsmanShip Group on 3/29/12 - It's embedded development night!

    Mike Huffaker and I will be talking about embedded development this coming Thursday at the March meeting of the Richmond Software Craftmanship Group.  We meet at the SnagAJob.com offices in Glen Allen, VA.  Mike will be discussing Arduino development and I will be talking about .NET MicroFramework (Netduino and Gadgeteer) development and we will contrast the two frameworks. 

    There’s no real set agenda for the talks, we will basically do some demos and have an open …

  • Ultimate Dev Workstation 2012

    Being a dev machine that hadn't been reimaged in over a year or so, I was starting to have some issues with the current Win7 x64 image that I had on the machine I built in 2009.  Since I was going to have to do a reinstall of the OS, I figured now was a good time to upgrade to a newer processor and motherboard, more RAM and a solid state drive. 

    Once I received all of the pieces and parts (we'll get to that part shortly), I found out that I also needed to upgrade the power supply as …

  • Getting a 404 error when trying to download/update Orchard packages from the Gallery?

    If you're trying to download new or update installed packages/themes from the Orchard Gallery, you may receive the following error once you click the "Install" link:

    The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.

    This doesn't really explain much, but it's because the feed moved a few months ago in November of 2011.  The feed moved to:


    To fix the error, log into the admin panel, go into Settings, Gallery then add the …

  • Gadgeteer MutliColorLED turns blue when you tell it to turn green??

    I'm hacking on the Gadgeteer platform with my GHI Spider board and working with the MultiColorLED module (5 of them to be exact).  I ran across an oddity when you call the .TurnBlue() method, the LED actually turns Green.  When you call .TurnGreen(), the LED turns Blue.  This behavior has been reported here and here. 

    As I mentioned before, I have 5 LEDs in my array, In the sample code below, If you only have one LED, change the first line from

     arrLED = new …

  • Office 2010 Guides and Natural Language Search Commands downloads

    Like many other legal organizations, the firm I work for is undergoing an Office 2003 to Office 2010 upgrade now that most of the vendors that make complementary software to allow us to do massive document productions and generate documents for certain jurisdictions are Office 2010 compatible.  One of our trainers found the Office 2010 ribbon guides that are an interactive quick reference that lets you click on "File, View, Header/Fooder" in Word 2003 for instance and then it …

  • Using data encryption on Windows Phone 7

    I saw this great post on encrypting your data using Windows Phone 7 by Rob Tiffany.

    Rob makes several great points, including how easy it is to accomplish this task in Windows Phone 7. 

    Keep in mind that not only passwords and connection strings should be encrypted - anything that your application uses that may be sensitive to your application or company's way of doing business may be a candidate for encryption.  That being said, just because you *can* encrypt everything, doesn't …

  • Why Windows Phone 7 is better than Windows Mobile 6.x

    After having several discussions at CodeCamps, seeing the debate on Twitter and even the comments on Charlie Kindel's recent post "Hey, You, Get Off of my Cloud" on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, I felt compelled to answer a few of the points that quite a few people, including quite a few the mobile developers that I think are brilliant, seem to be missing.

    Complaint #1 - "All of the work I have done for the previous Windows Mobile platforms has been wasted."  Well, if you're …

  • Introduction to Windows Phone 7

    Thanks to everyone who came to my session this morning at Richmond CodeCamp!

    The Presentation and Demo Code can be downloaded here: (link) (6.9 MB)

    Please email me with any questions you may have.

  • Richmond Codecamp 2010.1 and CodeStock 2010 sessions accepted!

    Great news, just heard that I have two sessions accepted for both of these learning events.  Here are the details:

    Richmond CodeCamp 2010.1 - Saturday May 22nd, 2010 - Richmond, VA.  http://richmondcodecamp.org/

    Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series

    Track / Area:

    Developer / Mobile


    Windows Phone, Silverlight, XNA

    General / Specific Experience Level:

    Beginner / Beginner

    A lap around the new Windows Phone 7 Series platform - what has changed …

  • CodeStock 2010 Sessions

    Last year I spoke at CodeStock in Knoxville, TN.  This year, I have submitted 3 sessions for CodeStock 2010 - session selection is based on attendee voting, so please go vote for them if you would like to attend these sessions at this year's CodeStock!

    Deploying Silverlight Based Web Parts with SharePoint 2007

    Track / Area:

    Developer / Applications - Silverlight


    Silverlight, SharePoint

    General / Specific Experience Level:

    Beginner / Beginner

    In this …

  • In transition...

    I am in the process of moving all technical content from my personal site (http://dsaxman.com) to this site.  I'll do my best to get it moved over as quickly as possible, so please bear with me.  I'll do my best to create a permalink in the old post to the new post so that people will be able to find the content.  Do note that I am not moving comments as the amount of work it would take versus the number of comments that exist (and that weren't spam) is very low.

  • Ultimate Developer Workstation 2009

    Last fall, I put together a NewEgg wishlist for a new 64 bit machine that I built.  I tweeted about it, but evidently didn't make a blog post.  The main purpose of this machine is to run Server 2008 in Workstation mode with IIS7 and SQL 2008.  The specs are as follows:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz Processor

    ECS P35T-A ATX motherboard

    8 gigs (4 x 2gb) of DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) RAM from Corsair

    PNY GeForce 9800 GT 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0x16 video card

    Western …

  • I'll be speaking at CodeStock 2009!

    Missed the event last year but am super psyched to be speaking at CodeStock 2009 this year.  I'll be presenting my "Converting your LOB Apps to Silverlight" talk and hanging out in the OpenSpaces area otherwise. 

  • Spring 2009 UserGroup/CodeCamps

    Thanks to everyone who attended my talk on Converting your Line of Business Application to Silverlight at the Richmond DotNet User Group (April 2nd), Philly CodeCamp (April 18th) and Richmond CodeCamp 2009.1 (April 25th).   As I mentioned in my talks, the demo application is one that is used at my current employer, so once I have finished the application internally and comment the code, I will morph it into a publically available sister application and provide the sample code and a working …

  • Compact Framework: Binding a ComboBox to an Enumerable type

    I'm working on a graphics conversion utility for use in my mobile projects as well as for a friend's web based application.  My goal has been to write code that I can run both on the compact framework as well as on the full-featured version of the .Net framework. 

    Let's say we have an Enumerable type in our class as follows:

       class GoodEating


               public enum Fixins

    & …

  • How to delete an email account on Windows Mobile 6.1

    A friend recently asked how to delete an email account from her Windows Mobile 6.1 device.  Like a good techie, she searched for the answer, only to find useless forums posts of unrelated babble.  Here's a quick step through of how to do it.  Video is here at the top, or step by step pictures below.

    Download here (Right Click, Save As)

    Step by Step instructions:

    1. Start out on your home screen: 

    2. Press Start and select the Messaging application: 

    3. Once you …